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Big Huge News

Angie Lucas is thrilled to announce that she has assumed the position of President and CEO of Ella Publishing Co.

In the last 9 months, while Ella was in various stages of gestation, Angie has worn a lot of different hats in her role as President and co-founder. She’s excited to discover that her head is big enough (in circumference, but NOT in ego) to add another hat or two to the pile. And she’ll continue to rely on her team of experts (Cathy the Zielske, Rachel the Copy Editor, Trav the Web Genius, Brad & Maeve the Photographers, Joe the Programmer, Liz the Submissions Gal, the Talented Ella Friends, etc.) in bringing you the finest assortment of scrapbooking eBooks on the planet.

Angie Lucas wearing hats, some of which are more attractive than others.

Wendy Smedley, who was Angie’s partner in crime for 5 years at Simple Scrapbooks magazine, has joined the Ella Publishing Co. creative team, bringing with her literally hundreds of ideas (233 to be exact) for how she can help Ella Publishing Co. continue to thrive and grow. Wendy was creative editor at Simple Scrapbooks magazine for 8 years, and she’s the author of three books (her most recent is to be published in fall 2010) and the co-author of one eBook. Wendy is a 10-year veteran of the scrapbooking industry, having been involved in everything from retail sales to teaching to magazine publishing to product development.

Angie and Wendy teaching at a scrapbook retreat in 2006 and filming DVDs in 2008.

Lain Ehmann, co-founder and former CEO of Ella Publishing Co., has transitioned to the role of an Ella Friend, and she’ll continue working alongside nine fellow scrapbookers that she hand-selected to spread the good news of Ella far and wide. We’re happy we can continue to partake of Lain’s talents, and Lain’s happy to be participating on a smaller scale, with a time commitment that’s more suited to her family’s current needs.

Angie and Lain one year ago, while in the early planning stages of Ella Publishing Co. (Photo by Tina Cockburn)

Please join us in wishing everyone great success in their new roles!


p.s. Although the company name was formed by spelling the founders’ initials backwards (Ehmann Lain Lucas Angie = ELLA), there are no plans to rename our mascot “LA” or “AL,” neither of which are good names for an adorable female elephant.

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