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December Take Twelve Roundup

Good morning! It's hard to believe, but this is the last time we'll be meeting here on the 19th of the month to celebrate the 2012 Take Twelve Project! Congratulations to everyone who faithfully kept at it each month with a camera in hand on the 12th, and to everyone who found a way to "make it work" even if something kept them from the regularly scheduled program. If you picked up the project midway through the year, a big congratulations to you, too! We hope you'll stick with it because the sense of accomplishment is great when the project comes to a close. Look over your photos today if you get a chance and remember all those 144 little moments you selected to add to the permanent record and savor them.

Looking over my year's worth of photos and pages I observed a few things about my approach: it is overwhelmingly an "ordinary moment" kind of collection, and I used a healthy mix of DSLR and phone photos. I'm so glad I allowed myself permission to do whatever worked best in the moment, because if there's one thing I hate, it's being caught without my camera when I want to take a picture. What kind of approach did you take this year?

You can read more about my photos here.

Like many of us, Aliza had mixed feelings about this month—nervous about recording photos worthy of the special 12/12/12 date, but also happy to take the time to record what might feel like not-much-going-on until suddenly a snapshot of blessed ordinary moments emerged. If ever there was a time to appreciate and be thankful for our ordinary not-much-going-on moments it's this month.

You can read more about Aliza's photos and page here and here.

Jennie's final page is yet another collection of every day moments—clearly a common theme among all of us here on the Take Twelve Team! But oh, what a big moment it is to lose a first tooth, as the big focal photo of her son illustrates. Jennie cleverly tucked the other nine photos from her day inside the glassine envelope; there are no rules about how to include your photos in this challenge!

You can read more about Jennie's page here.

Lisa's page focuses on images of her beautiful [Swedish] Christmas traditions. Maybe it's because I have a few Swedish genes, I just want to jump right through this page and into Lisa's living room to celebrate with her. [Note: Lisa knows I mean this in the least-creepy way possible. Right, Lisa? Ha.]

You can read more about Lisa's page here.

Monica assembled a classic page this month: a collection of photos representing items her boys have requested on their Christmas lists from Santa Claus. A grappling hook! A jet pack! A real-live Clifford the Big Red Dog! No doubt this page will become one of her family's most treasured in years to come, even if Santa doesn't bring a cape that can actually make you fly.

You can read more about Monica's page here.

Margie has documented great changes for her family in 2012—international moves, travel, and more. While that is definitely out of the ordinary for most of us, her approach to the project has been similar: a collection of ordinary moments in her very extraordinary life. I mean, really, who gets to actually use washi tape purchased in Japan? No matter where your supplies come from, though, we want to encourage you to find a way to get your photos off your camera or computer and onto a page for your family to enjoy.

You can read more about Margie's page here.

Our final winner of 2012 will receive a set of three beautiful Compendium journals to kick off 2013! The lucky number:

Which happens to be Maya, who featured a beautiful set of Hanukkah photos:

Congratulations, Maya!

As for whether or not there will be a Take 13 kicking off 2013... not offically, no. But as I've mentioned to a few people this week, the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit errs on the timeless side, meaning you could definitely use it to guide your way through the project if you haven't already purchased it. Grab a friend with a camera and set up a little accountability to see you through—you'll be so glad you did when you have your own set of 144 photos documented.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the wonderful Take Twelve Team for their dedication to this project: Aliza, Angela, Jennie, Lisa, Stephanie, Van, Margie, Valerie, Monica, and Janette have been an exceptional bunch of scrapbookers to work with. Thank you!

And that, friends, is the end for the 2012 Take Twelve Project!

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Take Twelve: The 12/12/12 Edition

Good morning and happy 12/12/12! This is it it, photo challenge friends: our very last entry to the Take Twelve 2012 permanent record. I hope your day is filled with all the best! Whether you're preparing for the celebrations of the Christmas season or coming together to reflect on the lights of Chanukah or planning a gingerbread house-building birthday party in two days for a whole host of second graders (oh wait, that's probably just me)—if you've been playing along with the Take Twelve challenge all year, you might have a twinge of disbelief (and maybe even sadness) that your collection of 144 little moments is almost complete. Wasn't it just January?

Believe it and be filled with good cheer, because you've created something amazing this year. Now grab that camera because you're only twelve clicks away from the finish line!

This month's sponsor prize comes from Compendium, purveyor of inspiring words, books, journals and more. Wouldn't it be fun to have these in hand just as the calendar turns to 2013?

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November Take Twelve Roundup

Happy November 19! Can you believe we only have one month left before the Take Twelve Project concludes for 2012? We hope you're taking the message to heart that if you miss a day or a month it's OK... just go back and take twelve photos on a different day of the month, or check out the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit for theme project ideas. When you're all said and done it will be more fun to have a completed project than an accurate one—one one will care if you took your photos on the 14th or 19th or 27th, promise. Just don't give up! I'm excited to share another batch of layouts from the Take Twelve team (plus links to follow for more!).

Though I consider myself first and foremost a traditional paper scrapbooker, somewhere around April I switched to digital pages for my Take Twelve layouts and I've been perfectly content with the results. The old me might have been tempted to redo the first three months of year so they all matched in format, but the working-on-giving-up-ridiculous-notions me is yelling to leave them alone and go with it. What about you—do you fight the temptation to redo things so they match?

You can read more about my photos here.

Janette Kincaid created a beautiful tribute to all the little, ordinary things she is grateful for in this month's page. I especially love how she photographed her "quote of the day" to include—it's a clever way to incorporate more words and create a unifying theme at the same time. She also cleverly used a design she's already used for the Take Twelve Project, though with a different color scheme and different embellishments it still feels fresh and original!

You can read more about Janette's photos and page here.

Stephanie Medley-Rath experienced an extremely difficult October and November and fell behind on her photo-taking and page-making, but in the true spirit of the challenge she didn't let it derail her efforts completely. Instead, she finished up her October page to share with us this month (a themed page about books—an Ella Publishing Co. favorite!) and has plans to create a page for November that she'll include in her Take Twelve pages later. Scrapbooking isn't about rules or timelines, but feelings and stories and photos and the process. Never underestimate the value of our hobby, especially when life is at its most difficult.

You can read more about Stephanie's page here.

Margie Scarpignato's lucky family spent a day off from school (a federal holiday for all in the U.S. and a day off for some) visiting the amusement park at Universal Studios. Margie built her page around the park's map—a super-clever idea that captures the excitement of the day and provides a snapshot in time; as Margie said, parks change so much over time that it's fun to capture them in the present. Her digital layout is clean, packed full of information, and a fun celebration of her son's hard work.

You can read more about Margie's page here.

That's not all, though! Be sure to check out these pages from other Take Twelve Team members, too:

Aliza Deutsch (don't miss our resident New Yorker's experiences with Superstorm Sandy)

Lisa Ottosson

Monica Bradford

Jennie McGarvey

and a few of our Ella Friends' pages:

Grace Tolman

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald

And of course, this roundup wouldn't be complete without a big thank you to our monthly sponsor: Bluebird Chic! Our lucky winner this month is Laura O'Donnell (#8) who will get to pick out a beautiful new camera strap.

Her page is beautiful, too : )

Thanks to all for playing along. We'll see you on December 12 for our last installment of the 2012 Take Twelve photo challenge!

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November Take Twelve

Happy Monday, and welcome to the 11th hour of the Take Twelve photography challenge! It's forecast to be one of those 60+ mph wind days in Cheyenne, so I'm thinking of staying inside as much as possible and sticking to the theme from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit to direct my photos today: house and home. How about you? Are you having fun playing along with the themed ideas or do you let the 12th of the month unfold as a big surprise when you take your pictures? No matter what your approach, we love to see them: tag your Instagram photos with #take12 if you're sharing in real-time!

Don't forget that you're eligible to win our monthly Take Twelve sponsor prize just for linking up your photos and/or scrapbook page! This month's sponsor is Bluebird Chic, purveyor of fine custom-made (and super-fun!) camera straps. If you're a Mollie Makes reader you might have spotted Bluebird Chic in the September 2012 issue!

One lucky recipient will get to choose a camera strap of her choice, just in time to usher in holiday festivities with style.

We're confident you'll find one you love. : )


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October Take Twelve Roundup

Happy October 19th! The further we get into the Take Twelve Photography Challenge the more I feel like the 19th is an actual holiday, how about you?

Let's jump right in! 

I slightly modified one of Donna Jannuzzi's Take Twelve sketches this month (found in the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit) and gussied it up with a few fall elements and a camera. Two interesting notes: it took every fiber in my being not to straighten those strips up and allow them to tilt all off-kilter like that (not because I don't love Donna's sketches—I do!—but because I am a straight lines girl who struggles with lines that deviate off the grid) and in every layout I've done for this project in 2012, I've included a little camera embellishment somewhere. It's fun to create a signature element that can be found in every layout for a year-long project such as this one!

You can read more about my photos here.

Take Twelve Team member Jennie McGarvey zoomed in on her life on October 12 by selecting twelve photos from her boys raking leaves. It's a great reminder that ordinary moments can be captured in a rapid-fire way or over the course of an entire day—it's up to you! Check out how beautifully Jennie supported her photos by choosing colors and embellishments with a warm, fall feel. If you look closely at her patterned paper choices you can also see the principle of "gallon, pint, ounce" at play with the proportions of the prints, which gives her page a balanced feel without appearing matchy-matchy.

You can read more about Jennie's page here

One of my favorite things about hosting these monthly roundups is the chance to get the first peek into the ordinary lives and routines of our team's talented scrapbookers. Let me assure you that what might feel slightly mundane to you is completely fascinating to someone else—whether that someone else is a scrapbooking contemporary or your great-granddaughter, generations into the future. Aliza created the perfect blend of environmental context, routine, and personal reflection about her family's life on this particular 12th of the month; follow her lead in your own ordinary life pages next time you feel stuck by journaling and focus on where you are, what you do, and how you feel about it. You can't go wrong with that simple checklist!

Read more about Aliza's page here

Lisa Ottosson tackled this month's special theme project from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit and set out with her phone + Instagram to capture the beauty of Sweden in the fall. It's impossible not to slow down and really appreciate the beauty around you when you deliberately go looking for it with camera in hand! Scrapbooking in this way can help strengthen our connection to the passage of time—not in the fleeting way we feel when we scrapbook our growing children or opportunities that come and end, but in the way that makes us measure how much has happened since the last time the season came around. 

You can see Lisa's page more closely here

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to reach for yellow, brown, and burnt sienna—just look how Angela Gutshall spun the new Ready, Set, Go line from American Crafts into autumn gold. Look at her photographs, as well: eleven of them feature something fall-ish, with only one photograph featuring a person—but the emotion and excitement that comes through in that one photograph ties all the other page elements together. The title, the warmth, the excitement, and the color all shine through creating a focal point photo that doesn't need to be enlarged to be effective.

Read more about Angela's page here

Don't miss these other fabulous pages by the Take Twelve Team:

Margie Scarpignato

Monica Bradford

as well as a few from our Ella Friends:

Bobbi Jo Grunewald

Grace Tolman

We continue to invite you to add your pages to the Take Twelve Flickr Group as you finish them, too. There is some fantastic inspiration to be found over there. 

Now, how about a winner for this month's prize from A Flair For Buttons?

Lucky number 10, aka Missy, you are the winner! Here's a look at Missy's beautiful fall photographs:


Thanks to everyone who played along this month! See you back here on November 12. 

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October Take Twelve

Good morning, good morning! It's October 12, so you better have those cameras clicking!

Looks like a beautiful day for the Take Twelve Photography Challenge. FE Warren AFB, 7:19 am

We've reached the final quarter of the challenge (!!), which means you are well on your way to a complete collection of 144 distinct moments and memories. If you're playing along with the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit's theme challenges, you're on the hunt for pictures that reflect change today—seasonal change, personal change, change in your pocket... of course, you're always welcome to simply document your day, too! Remember, there are no rules for Take Twelve. All cameras, all approaches are welcome.

This month's Take Twelve prize sponsor is Shelley Haganman, who operates a glorious shop on Etsy called A Flair For Buttons. Glorious. Check out a little sample:

That's just page 1, folks. There are 9 pages of one-of-a-kind handmade flair buttons, and our lucky winner this month gets to pick three sets as her prize. Just think of the fun you can have with these—on Project Life, your refrigerator, Christmas gift wrapping, regular scrapbook layouts... all you have to do is share your twelve photographs with us here!


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September Take Twelve Roundup

Hello everyone! What a difference a week makes... the sun is shining, my camera is back from the repair facility in California, and as far as I can tell my email is working just fine again. And how could the day be anything other than spectacular when I have fun pages to share with you from the Take Twelve Team?

I chose a neutral cream-based scheme for my September page vs. my ever-faithful standby kraft, and was pleasantly surprised how much color I really did manage to capture on one of the dreariest days we've had in Cheyenne all year. Trivia: Cheyenne really does have an inordinate amount of purely sunny days—236 on average per year, compared with 205 for the overall U.S. average. Rainy days kind of mess with us here in southeast Wyoming : )

You can read more about my photos here.

Monica Bradford also began with a neutral foundation for her page, but added an additional layer of depth with colorful twine accents. This thoughtfully documented Wednesday filled with ordinary chores and routines is not suprisingly an extraordinary favorite of Monica's. We've been saying it all year but it's worth saying again: slice of life photo projects like the Take Twelve photography challenge afford us the opportunity to see our lives from a different angle. Priceless.

Read all about how Monica built her page here.

Clearly Angela got the memo about neutral foundation month too! (Just kidding. We don't send memos, we use Bat-Signals.) Her design is perfect for when you have a variety of image orientations, as her journaling block anchors them all. I love the variety of photographs she included about her daily routines as a mama of small children; I've scrapbooked long enough now to know how precious these images are, because so much of our memory is framed by routines in the different phases of our lives.

Check out Angela's page more closely here.

And finally, our dear Take Twelve Team member Van's page... she deserves not just a rainbow, but a medal and a round of applause from all of us for facing down the challenge of being separated from her deployed husband and welcoming a new baby boy, Benjamin, on September 7. Ten weeks early. Who lives to tell the tale of that challenge through a scrapbook page? Van does, that's who. Never underestimate the power of pretty paper and photos, friends—or the dedication of the military community to see its members through anything life brings.

Read more about Van's incredible September here.

Don't miss our other Take Twelve Team pages this month:

Aliza Deutsch

Stephanie Medley-Rath

Angie Lucas

Lisa Ottosson

Margie Scarpignato

and another from our Ella Friend...

Grace Tolman


And finally, please join us in congratulating lucky number #8, MajiclnOz, for winning a seat in Big Picture Boot Camp 2012, this month's prize from Big Picture Classes! This intensive training course is designed to help you prepare for the 2013 Four Experts series of workshops and is guaranteed to get you in excellent (scrapbooking) shape!

Keep working on those pages and we'll see you back here for the final quarter of the year on October 12!

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August Take Twelve Roundup

Happy August 19, everyone! It's time to take a look at some Take Twelve Team pages and choose the winner of this month's sponsor prize from Big Picture Classes. We hope you're still clicking away each month, but don't be discouraged if you miss a day. Simply take twelve photos from a different day, or choose twelve highlight photos from an entire month you may have missed, and then jump right back on board. We'll never tell.

After an unusually busy summer, my August 12 was a welcome breath of downtime. Sort-of. I was in the midst of preparing for houseguests, but I happily prepared in my pajamas most of the day. Call me lazy if you must, but my house looked pretty awesome by around 4:00 pm when I finally did take a shower. I am drawn to grids for the Take Twelve Project; not all of my photos were taken in landscape orientation, but I set a media placeholder so that each photo would fit into a neat rectangle. I lost a tiny bit of image area on a few of the photos, but I preferred my photos to match on this page.

You can read more about my photos here.

Valerie Bishop didn't let a lazy, feeling bad day deter her from putting together a treasure of a page! She took Photobooth photos—twelve of them—with her iPhone, printed them out with her Selphy printer, and stacked the two 4x6 photos on top of each other to create a super-fun collage filled with character. Check out all those vertical lines on her page: that unifying element balances the color and whimsy perfectly. It just feels fun, doesn't it?

You can read more about Valerie's page here.

It's always fun when the 12th falls on a special day like Jennie's did, when she was visiting family in Iowa. Jennie's grid design is eye-catching, too—she employs a fun visual trick of overlapping the grid here and there with embellishments and rectangles. It isn't a drastic design choice, but it is a strong one that keeps her grid fresh.

You can read more about Jennie's page here.

Janette focused on food for her August page—check out the amazing amount of color, yum. Grids are anything but boring, too... here's yet another take on how to make a grid shine! Janette chose colors to feature her photos that didn't compete, which really helps them to pop off the page.

You can read more about Janette's page here.


Be sure to check out other Take Twelve pages from the Take Twelve Team and Ella Friends:

Aliza Deutsch

Margie Scarpignato

Van Nguyen

Monica Bradford

Lisa Ottosson

Grace Tolman


And finally...


Random.org chose lucky number 8, which happens to be Danielle Hunter in our monthly InLinkz collection. You'll have to visit Danielle's post to check out her photos, but she has a fun theme this month—especially for anyone who reads to small children! Danielle will receive a seat in Elisha Snow's upcoming September photography workshop at Big Picture Classes. Congratulations, and I'll see you again here in less than a month for the September edition of Take Twelve!

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Dear Photograph: A House in Cheyenne

Dear Photograph,

I stood here on the hotel steps on a house hunting trip to Cheyenne in April 2000, wishing like anything that I could live in one of these beautiful historic old houses (but knowing the two year waiting list made that impossible). I never could have imagined that 12 years later, my home would be the house with the side porch peeking out from behind the cottonwood trees on the most beautiful circle imaginable. Even though it's only temporary until the Air Force sends us somewhere else, I am grateful.

Thank you,



Happy National Photography Month! Read about Ella's Dear Photograph challenge and join in by linking up your Dear Photograph post here.

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